"Where Are They Now?" -- Jenn Hesse '13

(Left) Jenn Hesse '13 and her mother at the 2013 Felician senior student-athlete banquet; (Right) Hesse in her Lincoln Park PD uniform.
(Left) Jenn Hesse '13 and her mother at the 2013 Felician senior student-athlete banquet; (Right) Hesse in her Lincoln Park PD uniform.

The Felician sports information office is starting a new online feature for the 2015-16 academic year. In "Where Are They Now?" we will periodically attempt to catch up with Golden Falcon athletics alumni who have gone on to interesting and successful career paths.

In the second installment, we visit with Jenn Hesse '13, a four-year starter in women's soccer who was named an Academic All-American as a senior.  Hesse is now a police officer in her hometown of Lincoln Park, N.J.


Name: Jenn Hesse

E-Mail: jhesse33x@aol.com

Year of Felician graduation: 2013

Sport(s): Women's Soccer     

Major(s): Criminal Justice

Twitter handle: N/A

Hometown while in high school: Lincoln Park, N.J.

Currenty town/city of residence: Lincoln Park, N.J.     


List any post-graduate studies or certifications

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification -- Passaic County CC Public Safety Academy

Police Training Commission (PTC) certification -- Morris County Public Safety Training Academy


Current full-time employment

Police Officer, Borough of Lincoln Park


Other full-time positions held since Felician graduation

EMT, Pulse Medical Transportation


How have you applied your experience participating in college athletics to your current employment?

Spending countless hours training and being in shape definitely made completing the police academy an easier task. There is also a list of "core values" for police officers. Values such as team orientation, adaptability, and self-discipline were, without question, strenghtened for me through my time in college athletics.

For example, the experience of being asked to play a new position that I was not fond of for the benefit of the team (thanks, Coach Tom!) fortified my team orientation and adaptability. And nothing says self-discipline like going through a 6 a.m. practice and then sitting in class all day right after. As much as I hated them, the 6 a.m. practices probably helped ease the transition of waking up so early for shift work, too.


How has your Felician academic coursework and other extracurricular activities impacted your life, especially professionally?

The professors I had at Felician made my academic journey a rewarding one. The criminal justice professors opened my eyes to different possibilities and were willing to do anything to help me succeed and reach my goals.

There were also professors who impacted my life but probably have no idea they did. For instance, I never really liked history or philosophy but Dr. Vecchio and Dr. Abaunza still left their mark on me. Dr. Vecchio is such a selfless, amazing woman and the passion she speaks with while giving her lectures really inspired me. It made me realize that I want to be that passionate about my career and not be stuck with a career I dread every day.

Everyone should take a class with Dr. Abaunza if the opportunity arises. I have never thought about things in such a different manner as I had during his philosophy class; he really opens your eyes to a whole new perspective on things. That can only help me in my professional life.


What advice, about any aspect of college life, would you give to a current Felician student-athlete?

Enjoy it while you can! It goes by quicker than one would think. I met some of my greatest friends at Felician and built relationships that I hope last a lifetime. There is nothing better than spending day in and day out with your friends, even if it means 6 a.m. practices, all-nighters studying for finals, or countless hours watching full series of television shows.